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Prearrangements for the renovation of your bathroom: paving tiles

Have you decided to renovate your bathroom? In addition to furniture, grant lines, shower and bathtub renewal (in example replacing it with an Italian shower), changing wall and floor tiles will completely renew the look of your bathroom, making it more functional and appealing.

Both if you decide to hire a specialized company or to handle it by yourself, it is important to check some aspects before proceeding, especially for the tiles.

Is it necessary to remove the old tiles to put new ones on?

Even if most of the times it is the best solution, this operation is no longer mandatory. So why spend more than the necessary? Nowadays the Standards and the new products available allow us to do it without any difference in the final result.

Primers and special adhesives to lay the new tiles over the existing ones are now available. But even by using them, it is required to control:

  • The old tiles must be firmly fixed to the wall (without unbalance, noises or broken tiles - in these cases it is strongly suggested to steady the wall). In case of absence of cladding in the upper part due to a previous partial wall tiling, it will be needed to fill this lack with a hard coat layer in perfect continuity with the preexisting layer if you want to raise the height of the new tile wall.
  • The surface must be perfectly leveled
  • It is required to perfectly degrease and clean (limestones and residues included) the surface that will be tiled (with a specific cleanser or with a dishwashing soap)
  • The adhesive must be a high quality product and specific for tile over tiles. Never use cheap products! This is the most important element for the durability of your new wall.

Is it required to smooth old tiles before laying the new ones?

Basing on the type of the tile, it could be necessary to rough up the surface to remove the coating and ensure the primer proper adhesion. Then, it is required to carefully clean them to remove dust from the surface and the wall grant lines. Following these advices, it is possible to lay tiles on existing ones.

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